Sunday, September 26, 2010


Yesterday's bridal shower was in one of the coolest spaces around--The Speckled Bird. Unfortunately, it's currently not open to the public, it's just available for special events. But it's such a creative treasure of a place full of amazing art, vintage pieces, and great lattes. I want to live there.

I love how the artist who decorated the space used a lot of up-cycled materials
like soda bottle caps
and wine bottle corks
and mirror glass
And I love all the great vintage pieces through out
like this amazing lamp.
and these chairs
and this mirror.
It's across the street from this beautiful church building (maybe you recognize it from this post or this one).

So it was pretty much the best situation a girl could ask for. A wonderfully artsy and vintage space, endless lattes...

my grandma's vintage dress,
lovely friends,
piles of markers for coloring with,
and more desserts then a girl should be exposed to.
THAT's a party : )

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Arian : )


Jessica said...

We live very close to the speckled bird and have not had the chance to go- it looks amazing! We actually almost went to a church that meets there this morning. Now I want to go just to enjoy the surroundings :)

Amanda said...

SOOOOOO FUN. I wish I was invited. :)

Lady Fromage said...

How cool! I'm especially drawn to those bottle caps and corks, since both are projects I'm working on/planning to start in the future... Thanks for sharing!

-Lady Fromage