Friday, September 18, 2009

It's McMurray Time!!

Our good friends, the (almost!) McMurrays, are getting married tomorrow! You might recognize them from here here or here. Daniel just finished this cake topper for them based on their wedding invitation I designed. I LOVE collaborating with Daniel on artistic projects!

Didn't he do such a sweet job! It's perfect.
Lots of set-up going on today. Though the church building has so much character you hardly need to do anything to it.

Those green glass things came from my grandpa's garage. They are antique insulators from old telephone and telegraph poles that he's had stored in his garage for years...boxes and boxes of them. I'd say they are finally getting put to good use!

Annnd another painting for the Memphis show. I shall call this one "Open Hearted".
And here's a little sneak peek behind the scenes--my hair and makeup guy. You don't realize all the work it takes to keep me blog-ready. But it's quite a job - I'm pretty high-maintenance ; )

Wedding festivities, family birthday celebrations, art show's gonna be a big weekend! Hope you have a good one!

Arian : )

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featherbed said...

the cake topper is SO cute, it will look great with those little legs dangling over the edge, how special!!