Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Heart Mom

Don't be misled by her appearance. It's what's on the inside that matters. ; ) (I'm hilarious.)

Today mom and I visited UC-CCM's costume department to get some photos for our book project. CCM is my alma mater so I spent countless hours in these spaces. Still, their stock of around 40,000 costume pieces bloooows my mind. Some amaaazing stuff in these vaults.

And of course no trip to Clifton would be complete without some coffee-type refreshment from Rohs Street. Love the vibe in that place. It wasn't quite finished when I left college so I never really hung out there. But the art on the wall is by old friends, the baristas are old friends, the musicians who play there are often friends, and it's in a building I used to frequent and walked by every day on my way home from class. So somehow, whenever I go there, it feels like I'm back home. It's good.

(Mom talkin' book details)
And here's the painting I finished for the show in Memphis NEXT WEEKEND. It's crazy how fast September came and seems to be going. Slow down, months! Slooooow down!

I've got several more paintings in the works so I'll be back here tomorrow with more!

Arian : )

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