Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crazy is how we roll!

(Hudson and friend startin the day off right with green smoothies inspired by Happy Foody.)

T'was suuuch a crazy weekend! And this next two weeks is going to be CRAAAAAAAAZY! Seriously. CRAAAAAAAAZY!!! We leave for the Memphis show in FOUR days. SOO much to do before then. When we get back, I have TWO days to finish all the work for the next book deadline (it's a lot). Then we have THREE days to pack and MOOOOOVE!!! We found a sweeeeet apartment in a very cool part of town. SO EXCITED!! Can't WAIT to show you pics!!

We seem to find ourselves facing ridiculously impossible deadlines fairly regularly. I guess that's just how we roll. So I apologize in advance for the excessive use of !!!'s and repeeeeeated letters you'll probably see here over the next couple weeks. It's officially crazy time in the Armstrong household. Hope you enjoy the ride!
But first, a couple more pics from the weekend. There was last night's beautiful McMurray wedding--so great!! I hope they are resting peacefully on their tropical honeymoon beach by now.
And lots of time with family celebrating my aunt's birthday. I'm so grateful that we're back in the Cincinnati area again so that we can be apart of all these little family celebrations. LOVE it!!

Love this boy.
And these kids.
And this girl. Love 'em all.

Well, I'm pulling a late nighter tonight in art show prep. More later!

Arian : )

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Erin Fudge said...

Can't wait for you guys to get here :) I'm decking out the house for Halloween already, hope that's cool with you guys, I'll keep anything creepy out of the guest room! What time are you guys planning on getting here?