Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Feelin Fallish

Signs of fall are starting to pop up all over the place. This time last year when we lived in New England I think we were already sporting jackets and scarves. So the warm temperatures in Cincinnati are a bit deceiving. But no doubt about it...fall will be in full swing soon!

I'm so proud of my 4-year-old's 2-wheel bike skillz. I'm pretty sure I was seven before I lost my training wheels.
I stocked up on some fall-y candles. Now our place smells like pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls...not quite as good as the real thing, but way fewer calories.
I rescued this autumnal colored bag from the Goodwill pile at Granny and Papa's house over the weekend. I'm not sure if my grandma made it, but I'll pretend she did.
And I'm sporting my lumberjack outfit--- well, a lumberjack who does her lumberjacking in a skirt. And my white hat, which is a staple in my cool weather wardrobe, made its first appearance today. Yep, fall is just around the corner.

And finished up this painting based on a dream my good friend had. I'm liking this heart umbrella motif that keeps appearing in my work. I've got plans for a few more over the next couple days.

Tonight we go to sign the lease on our new place--YAY!! Lots of work to do!!!

Arian : )


Jennifer said...

oh my! i LOVE that painting! if i wasn't a broke college student i would snatch that right up!

Dorothee-Maria said...

This painting is so WONDERFUL!!!

angela said...

Love the painting! So talented.