Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Fall

 Fall fell all at once this weekend and it kinda feels like falling in love.....after a looong, hot (and wonderful!) summer, fall feels new and weird and exciting and cozy and romantic.

 We welcomed fall with a whole slew of celebrations....the party with girl friends, the quiet drive through the country to Daniel's hometown for the Apple Festival -- a.k.a. the biggest event in Jackson County, Ohio all year (that, and the first day of deer hunting season).  ; )

 Hanging out with the cousins

 Celebrating another year with Pappy (Happy Birthday!!!)

Rides galore!

 And Ohio's biggest (and perhaps only) lighted night parade...over an hour of fire trucks, beauty queens, high school bands, little baton twirlers, and sparkling floats.

 By the next day there were signs of fall all around.

 And I LOVE it : )
Happy Fall! (or whatever season it happens to be in your part of the globe : )



Crystal Jeffers said...

I love fall too! An Apple festival sounds like so much fun! sadly here in Cali it is still summer time HOT! I am looking forward to that cool crisp air of fall.
Thanks for the glimpse of fall in your neck of the woods.

Olivia said...

What a cozy outdoor fireplace.

Hooray for fall!

Lesley said...

and now i want a caramel apple covered in nuts. :)

Christina said...

Great pictures! It looks like you a great time. :)

It went into some cool temperatures where I live, too, although I do miss Ohio. I'm a Buckeye girl.

Thank for sharing.

Barbra said...

I love how you described fall, you were right on! I cant wait for it too finally get cold!