Thursday, September 30, 2010

No Carve Pumpkins

Tomorrow is the first day of October, the day when I can officially buy pumpkins. I admire the passion of my neighbors who have had their hay bales, scarecrows and jack-o-lanterns up since late August but I try to hold out til 10/1.

I'm sure we'll carve our fair share of jack-o-lanterns but here are some "knife-free" pumpkin decorating ideas. (Due to the apple-cutting/hand-stabbing incident of '93, the wood staple puncture of '90, the x-acto blade debacle of '95 and the more recent "call 911, Arian has pneumatically stapled her fingers shut" catastrophe of '06,  my family thinks it best to keep me away from sharp objects). True story.
So I'm ready to get out my paint brushes and my glue gun (forgetting about the time I accidentally glued my underware to my pants) and start decorating some pumpkins!!

Aren't these amazing!?

Yay! I'm feeling inspired and looking forward to tomorrow!

Arian : )


Olivia said...

I normally don't like glittery things, but I like the sparkling pumpkins.

I also LOVE the paper pumpkin at the end. I'm probably going to make that.
Thanks for sharing.

Chrissy said...

Great ideas! I'll start pumpkin shopping this weekend! I try waiting for Oct. as well!

grace and ben saunders said...

please,.. let's not forget about the tuna can/skin glue incident of either '01 or '02. :)

Seamingly Sarah said...

For real? It does sound like a good idea for you to avoid sharp objects. And I do so love the inspiration you found. Lovely, just lovely.

Unknown said...

Hmm, i love these cool no carve pumpkins. I like to decorate my home with pumpkin but i am not good with carving, so these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas are pretty helpful for me. Thanks for sharing!