Saturday, September 8, 2012


So clearly I have had less time for blogging recently. I think I forget why I originally started this give far away family and friends pictures into our daily lives, to keep record of our goings on so my future self and my kids will remember what we've done and where we've been, and to share anything that might encourage readers I've never met who've wandered here for one reason or another.

But sometimes I loose sight of those things and think that, unless it's some perfectly photographed DIY or some amazingly unique and beautifully documented adventure we've been on that I shouldn't share it here. Silliness. It's not a vehicle for making big bucks in ad sales (though that would be nice) or for appealing to the masses and securing thousands of regular viewers (though I'm glad YOU'RE here). It's for sharing and remembering.

So here are a few things worth sharing and remembering from these past few weeks....

Hudson started school. He's capable enough and school is close enough that he can ride his bike to and from school by himself. Such a big boy!

We finally hung the lamps we made. We covered plain Ikea lamp shades with wood grain contact paper and cut out a scalloped edge. I pretty much love them.

Then we painted the wall a vintage chalkboard green so the boys could draw all over it.

I pretty much love that too.

(drawings by Jude, age 4....super cute, right?!)

We're all making an effort to draw more.

(current residents of Fort Armstrong)

This Monday we're gonna start a (hopefully) weekly family drawing night.

We've been spending a good deal of time at the new Fort Thomas Coffee. A kids play area in a coffee shop.....genius. I've actually been able to sit AND drink coffee AND read. READ!

Eli is in that "wanting constant attention" phase. "Play with me! Hold me! Feed me! Repeat!" Cute and exhausting.

We also went camping! The big boys (Daniel, Jason, Hudson, and Jude) biked 30 miles to and
from the campsite. What champs!

(photo by Jason)

A total of 70 miles over one weekend on a single speed bike at age 7--way to go Hudson!

It was a good team building vacation. Not the most restful trip we could have taken. But very good.

A visit from family!

Turns out Eli loves biking despite regular helmet fails.

So that about brings us up to speed. I'm gonna try to be more regular here. Even if it's just a photo of something I'm thankful for from that day. These are good times and I don't want to forget them!



Hannah said...

I love, love, love your chalkboard wall!
Camping with bubs sounds like a monstrous effort, but when I think about it my parents did it with me and you make it look fabulous!

amy luella said...

i am in a very similar place as you. purpose for blog. ability to post can be challenging with 3 and plenty that fills a day, but i love, too, holding onto the moments in pictures, words...and sharing with friends and family. love your images. instagram photo? adore those armstrong drawings. sweet home decorating.=)