Sunday, August 12, 2012

Simple Pleasures

This week felt a little calmer. Maybe it was the bit of alone time I got. Maybe it was the late night coffee shop date I got with Andrea. Maybe it was the slightly cooler temperatures. Maybe its because I found my journal and made an effort to use it to sort out my thoughts and organize my day. Maybe it was because of some great conversations we are having around here. Probably all of the above : )

I felt pretty grateful for a lot of the simple pleasures around me, like getting to spend a little time each morning tending my herbs and flowers. These are a few of my favorite things....

Fresh cut flowers in mason jars

Homegrown tomatoes

Watching the boys make each other laugh

The new coffee shop our friends just opened in town

Sunny, 75 degree days.

Walks and bike rides

Days off with the whole family. (That's Jason there in the black tshirt. He lives with us as an honorary Armstrong. He's great.)

Quiet mornings

And the rare but glorious long nap with this little nap buddy.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! We're off to the park!
Arian : )

1 comment:

amy luella said...

awwww to each moment. garden time is one of my favorites, too.