Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Goals

Fall is my favorite season and I always want to soak in all that it has to offer before the trees are bare and the snow starts to fall. I waited til October to do last year's list but, like I said, everything is getting a bit of an earlier start for me this year to make room for baby in December.  Fall is bumped up to now and Christmas bumped up to November so that December can be reserved for holding our new baby boy and his two fellow new December boy cousins : )

So here's this year's list!

1. Decorate our front porch. Since we've always lived in apartments/shared houses, we've never had our own front porch before! Its' a big blank canvas I get to make our own. Mums, pumpkins, a new fall wreath, and some handmade fall garland are in store : )

2. Pick our own pumpkins (like last year)

3. Take the boys to their first football game (complete with blankets, face paint, and hot cocoa)

4. Host a crafty ladies night. This has been on my to-do list for tooooo long!

5. Try a new soup recipe. (maybe this one)

6. Head to the country. (at least three times)

7. Take lots of walks (fast ones for exercise, slow ones for Jude)

8. Get a crock pot.....and use it.

9. Make good use of our fire pit!

10. Go on a fall-y date with Daniel.... pumpkin spice latte, walk through the woods, sketchbooks, and cozy sweaters.

That's it!  How 'bout you? Any fall goals?

Arian : )


Simply Smith said...

I LOVE your little list! I pinned it on pinterest :D I match all of your fall goals, and add putting up a few fall decorations, updating my hanging plants out front, and making S'mores! :)


Olivia said...

We don't have a front porch, but I will decorate something. And I've got a giant crockpot full of beans simmering right now, so check, but everything else sounds lovely.

Apple Orchard this weekend.

Erin Bennett said...

This is one of my fave fall soup recipes. Curried Carrot Soup: :)

Erin Bennett said...

This is one of fave fall soup recipes: curried carrot soup

MamaMae said...

such a delightful list! i love your style and absolutely adore your sketch. will pin to my pinterest!

Lisa Ensor said...

I LOVE your list! I'm inspired to make my own today :)
I would like to recommend this soup to you- I've made it twice and my son and husband have devoured it. It's 5 ingredients BUT delicious.
Carrot Ginger
p.s. I usually add more chicken broth within the last 5 minutes (my soup seemed to reduce more then expected) so in total I used 4 cups. Enjoy :)