Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Headed to the Country

 We fulfilled part of one of my fall goals this week---heading to the country. Lots of our friends celebrate the Old Testament holiday, Sukkot. Though mostly celebrated by only Jewish people, it's one of those festivals God put in place for great reasons. So we celebrate it because we can and want to! (some pics from Sukkot last year here)
(crocheting and chili cooked over a fire....yesssss.)

 For us, it's a week of spending most of our time outdoors, eating (and sometimes sleeping) in tents. It's a reminder that, like the Israelites wandering in the desert with hope of the Promised Land, we haven't yet reached our true home. This is just a temporary dwelling place.
 This week is the first of three weeks of Sukkot festivities various friends are hosting so we'll be hopping around from celebration to celebration and eventually hosting our own in early October. LOTS of good food, fresh fall air, and real conversations with good friends around campfires.
 Preeeeetty sweet.

I think Hudson and Jude are gonna grow up loving this whole Sukkot thing. : )



Jessica said...

I just heard a guy speak at Crossroads here in Oakley about how their family does this exact same thing. I love the idea, really cool to see your family putting it to practice.

L. Buchholz said...

This is really neat! I was just reading in Esther this morning and how the Jewish holiday Purim began and thought, now that would be a sweet holiday to adopt and celebrate! How neat you have tons of people involved! :) Rich Blessings!

MamaMae said...

this is absolutely fantastic. i LOVE what y'all are doing! going to forward this post to some great friends of mine in hope of coordinating this here in Columbia, SC. i can imagine lots of tents in our lovely large back yard. thank you so much for sharing your country wanderings :)

Sammy said...

Hi Arian! Found your blog by blog-hopping and love it! Also love the idea of celebrating Jewish holidays. I think we lose out on a lot by ignoring them. May have to introduce this one into our family!

PaisleyJade said...

Just wanted to say that your blog is amazing! Your free downloads, art... everything! Thank you and so glad I stumbled across your way!

diné said...

wow that looks awesome :)

Wendie Gabbard said...

Hi Arian! I, too, found your blog by hopping and I'm so glad. Thanks for the free downloads - so fun! I'm down the road from you in La Grange, KY. See me waving? I'm also a lover of OT studies and lead them regularly to show how God has everything linked in amazing ways. We camped with our kids when they were young and have many fond memories! Look forward to seeing Eli in December!!!