Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rollover Goals

 (click to enlarge)

So October ended up being full of the unexpected--- an unexpected death in the family, unexpected house guests (a happy thing!), unexpected emotional wrestling, and impromptu party, several last-minute road trips to see family and old friends.... So I think I accomplished maybe 4 of my 10 goals for October. Thankfully, they can all rollover into November.

 Pick a pumpkin---check.
 Make (and eat) a pumkin pie (or 4)....check.
 Pumpkin spice latte...check..check...check.........check.
 Celebrate my birthday all month long...
...CHECK!!! Birthday trip to see an old high school friend turned pro opera singer perform, birthday vintage dress shopping with Andrea, birthday coffee and used book shopping with mom, birthday bike ride, birthday presents and long-distant phone calls and surprise treats. I felt the love.

So the other 6 goals will just have to wait til November. Thanks for stickin with me through this heavier-than-usual month! Here's hopin that November is full of cozy, light-hearted crafty goodness : )



Chrissy said...

Happy Halloween!

Natalie Call said...

Your goal sheet is so cute! I want to make one now too! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope Halloween goes well.