Friday, October 29, 2010

New Friends!

So the lack of posts this week can be blamed on our new friends ; ) Who can sit alone at a computer when you could be hanging out and getting to know Battle Victorious (aka Todd and Emily, their sweet baby Eva, and their tour nanny Kelli)?? I couldn't!!

Todd and Emily are a super-cute, super-sweet, super-talented, and just plain super, married musical duo touring America right now.  And thanks to a mutual friend (thanks, Richard!) we got to meet and host them while they were here in Cincinnati.
I love hosting out of town guests, especially those who have never been to my city...
...and those who are friggin adorable (Hi, Eva...Hi!...Hi!...Hi!....Hi!) .

We hung out downtown, we hung out in the country, we worked together,  ate together,  stayed out late together...

... and were very, very silly together.

Goooooooooood times.

Family in town this weekend! Plus we are hard at work cranking out a new animated music video--woohoo!! This one's for the kiddies : )

Happy weekend!

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