Friday, October 22, 2010

Also The MAN

So it may seem weird to some to take/post pics of Daniel's grandpa's funeral procession. But photos help me remember the details of important events and yesterday is a day I don't want to forget.

Reflecting on someone else's life inevitably makes you reflect on your own while you still have opportunities to change it. Granddad Dale had a seemingly simple life in the country...never climbed the corporate ladder or made much money. But he had six kids who married and had 20 kids who are married and are having lots more kids. And they all love each other deeply.

It's probably because EVERY Sunday after church growing up, all 30+ of them gathered together on Granddad Dale's farm and ate together, laughed together, and played together. And more recently, even though he lost his wife and that farm years ago, he still treated any Armstrong who could come to pizza every Thursday evening.

It all has me thinking that having more kids might be even more of a blessing than I thought...even more than a successful career as an artist or finally getting rock-hard abs ; ) My sister is the best thing my parents gave me and I know Daniel would say the same about his 3 siblings. And I want a home that MY grandkids remember as a utopia... it probably wouldn't have to be super clean or super nice, it would just have to be big enough to run around in, have comfy furniture, and a BIG dining room table : )

Well, thanks for sitting through my reflective ramblings. I promise more cute, crafty, artsy posts in the near future : )



Fruitytoenails said...

Hi Arian!
you don't know me. My name is angie and have been peeking in on your life via your blog (which my children and I LOVE) for weeks now. I kinda feel like a voyeur, so I thought it best to introduce myself and let you know we are "watching" you. We love your style, your art, your faith. Janna Syester and Kim Jackson "introduced" us to you.

Christina said...

Arian, these are some very beautiful reflections. Very important things to think about, too. Thank you for including this in your blog.