Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Conditions Are Perfect

I love rainy days. Not sure why. But they always make me feel more creative. And I don't feel guilty slowing down a bit on a rainy day, just staying at home being cozy with the boys and my sketchbook and good music. Speaking of, just downloaded the new Sky Sailing album. I love it. Adam Young music makes me want to frolic barefoot in open fields, cut out strands of paper hearts, and drink cocoa while day dreaming about butterflies and puppies : ) : ) : )

(a little container gardening)
(the view from the back door)

And here's a little sneak peek at a show poster I was working on late last night! I'll hopefully be able to show you the finished product later this week!

Arian : )


Olivia said...

Rainy days are perfect for creativity, I completely agree.

Kelly said...

nice!! what i like bout rainy days is the sound of the cars splashing the water at the streets, the sound of the raindrops falling at the window, having a real excuse to wear my hood lol, and mostly the smell of the fresh grass at the gardens and parks.

i like your painting, it reminds me of those 2 tween guys form alice in wonderland. it will b a nice drawing :)

Unknown said...

What an art..
Cant wait for the portrait..

Lady Fromage said...

Love the artwork! So glad I stumbled across your blog!

Rainy days are the BEST. Followed closely by rainy nights :)

-- Lady Fromage

Robert stokes said...

When it rains in Mongolia, the ghost of Kublai Khan rises from the dead, wathc out