Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Brought To You By Texas, Owl City, and the Letter "A"

I'm finally working my way through the photos from the past few weeks. These are from our Owl City-sponsored trip to Dallas, TX, last weekend. We picked Dallas because Daniel's little brother and his lovely wife, Katie, live there and we have never been to Texas to see them. We looooved getting to see them in their natural habitat--- eat at their favorite places to eat, hang out with their favorite people to hang out with, shop at their favorite places to shop.
They took us to McKinney, Texas which is now one of my new favorite towns! Tons of great vintage/antique shops, art galleries, boutiques, a winery, coffee shops, and one of my new favorite restaurants all located on this quaint historic square.

The boys got pipes. Daniel is not really a pipe smoker but it did gain him 12 man points.
And I got this cute metal "A" to add to my vintage signage collection
The actual Owl City concert was great too. It was HUGE (like 6000 screaming middle school girls huge) !! They've gained quite a following since we saw them here in January! The best part, though, was getting to hang out with the percussionist after the show. We didn't have backstage passes or anything. We locked the keys in our rental car, had to wait about an hour and a half after the show for Drew and Katie to come rescue us (they got lost), and the percussionist guy (his name is Daniel) braved the crowds and the over-excited middle schoolers to hang out with people (the rest of the band stayed in the comfort of the green room--don't blame them). He waited around til every fan left, moving from group to group, asking and answering questions, getting to know people. Due to the aforementioned circumstances, my Daniel and I were nearly the last of 6000 to leave. So we got to hang out with the percussionist for a long time. Stellar dude, super nice guy. I wish him all kinds of success.

So, yes, it was a GREAT. TRIP. !! And I see the whole Owl City video contest experience as a spring board toward more music videos, more collaborating with Daniel, and more adventures.

Arian : )

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