Thursday, January 28, 2010

Owl City

Last night's concert was magical as expected. Hudson was a trouper and has added "rock star" to his list of future vocations (along with firefighter and policeman thanks to "community helpers day" at preschool)

Meanwhile Daniel sent me THIS picture of where he is staying. I'm thinking he just clipped it out of an airplane travel magazine so that I wouldn't feel too sorry for him for having to miss Owl City. Nice try, babe, I'm on to you though.

And while Daniel spent the day frolicking with dolphins and sipping tiny umbrella drinks while "on business" in Mexico ; ) the boys and I spent aaaaaaall day riiiiight here. Seriously, we hardly left this room. Jude's lingering sickness kept us tucked in bed in our pajamas with lots of movies, sketchbooks, stuffed animals, and general coziness. It was pretty great, actually. Though I'm hoping we'll be able to emerge from the cave tomorrow.
I got started on a top secret, last-minute project that totally doesn't fit into my already behind-schedule work list. But I'm doing it anyways : ) Hopefully I'll show you Monday!

Come home soon, Daniel! And bring us a dolphin!

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Daniel Armstrong said...

No dolphins yet, but LOTS of humpback whales, which I can watch from the living room. For some reason though, as I sat in the hot tub ocean/fireside tonight with another dude listening to Norah Jones over the high end outdoor sound system, I wished I could see you. I think we will have to figure out how to come here TOGETHER some day.