Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art That Helps Collaboration Project

I'm super excited to show you the product of the collaborative art project done in partnership with A Beautiful Idea. 20 artists, including myself, each created a piece of art based on the themes of love/justice/hope/haiti/etc and the lovely and talented Promise Tangeman put them together to create these 8 collages.

Check out the full post here and follow the links to all 20 artists' online shops where you can buy posters, cards, magnets, tote bags, pins, etc with these images on them. 100% of the sale goes to A Beautiful Idea's current charity (which, right now, is World Vision and its work in Haiti).

Here are the pieces I'm offering in my shop-- a signed print of the illustration I contributed and a set of 5 5x7 postcards.

So go check them out! The posters are awesome, the prices are low, and the cause is great!

In 12 hours we'll be boarding a plane for Dallas, TX for our OWL CITY trip!! WOOHOO!! Thanks, again, guys for all your votes and support!! I'll be sure to show you pics when we get back!!

Arian : )

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