Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Judge A Book By Its Cover!

YAY!! So I just finished the front cover of the book I've been referencing over the past couple months. My mom (Lena Wood is her pen name, for those of you who know her otherwise) and I started work on the book this past spring and it's been quite a project!! Hopefully we'll be wrapping it up over the next couple months.

It's been such a personal, involved process. Family and friends have modeled for me. Daniel has done several illustrations. Friends from my college days at CCM have done interviews. There's been tons of meeting and planning and thrifting and painting and photoshopping in the wee hours of the night. And much more to come! Fun stuff!

Even the cover is personal. That green floral fabric swatch at the bottom--from one of Granny's blouses. The orange and yellow floral swatch-- from one of Papa's old wallpaper sample books. That's my sister in the top left corner, my set from On Golden Pond top center, my hand in the middle, my sis and her husband on stage at Crossroads, Daniel's illustration, lights from my Wizard of Oz set... Can't wait to have the whole finished product in my hands (but I guess I'll have to).

Today I am teaching art at a youth center downtown and then tonight I get to have some "crafting and hot cocoa" time with some of my girl friends! We're starting to see the light through the fog of moving and unpacking. Things are looking up!

Have a good one!!

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