Saturday, October 10, 2009

Farewell 20's. Helloooo 30's!

Dear Twenties,

Wow. We had some good times, didn't we. We met when I was in college. I was studying theatrical set design. I ate from a lot of those Lipton Instant Noodle packets. I had awesome friends (one of them, this guy named Daniel, asked me out several times. I finally told him no). I wore overalls often but, looking back, no one else did. Probably not cool.

Sweet twenties, you've seen me live on both sides of the coast, in the Far East, and now you've brought me back home. You saw me go from a college grad, to an English teacher abroad, to a set designer, to a freelance graphic designer. You saw me sell my first painting and do my first big art show. You ran my first 5k with me. You were there when I married that Daniel guy and we had two kids. We did a lot together. And it was awesome. But I'm moving on now. No regrets. Only happy memories. I will always remember you fondly.



Dear Thirties,

Hey. I have to admit. I wasn't sure how I felt about you. You seemed kind of old and serious. But now that we've met, I think I'm going to like you. You seem like a fresh start. I've seen how you've treated the friends who met you before I did. They seem confident, successful, more understanding of who they are. They know how to use their strengths and refine their weaknesses. And it seems like you have less tolerance for some of the things that hovered over my 20's--some of the fears, worries, insecurities. You know better.

No pressure, but I'm expecting a lot out of you. I expect more art...lots more shows, art sales, collaborative art, live art, artist friends from near and far. I expect you to take my creativity to more places, to more people. I expect a lot of open doors.

I expect more kids, whether we DIY it or get them pre-assembled. I'm cool with either. But I did see a sweet little African American toddler in the library the other day. She babbled at me for 10 minutes and, if she was available, I would have taken her home with me.

I expect to run farther, be stronger, and be more and more conscious of what I put in my body. Afterall, it needs to last me awhile.

Oh, and I'll introduce you to my husband in a few months. Be good to him. He's been very good to me.

Take care.


Wendi said... say I like you just wouldn't cover it. Each time I see you, talk to you or read something you've written or seen something you've created I'm inspired, challenged and changed. I've enjoyed my 30's too, haven't always handled them with the grace or wisdom required but I'm learning. They have been the most exciting and challenging years of my life and until recently I didn't know if I would make it through them but God is infinitely good and kind. Can't wait to see what He brings you in the next 10 years. Happy Birthday!

D R E W said...

i turned 35 this week and i have loved my 30s for all the reasons you mentioned. now i just have to calm down about being 5 years from 40...

aeolidia said...

Perfectly put! It's so great to be comfortable where you're at (and looking forward to where you'll be!).

Kris said...

Thanks...this makes 30 sound less intimidating. We will meet in a few short months as well :)