Thursday, April 10, 2014

Urban Archaeology

So much life happening these days its a bit hard to keep up. I'm in full on art show mode, creating as much as I can before the opening of my first solo show on May 9th. Plus we're in the final stages of buying our first house. It could still all fall through (like, say, after inspections this afternoon). But if all goes well, we'll be moving into a 100+ year old home very soon. The busyness of this season is making it hard to keep my mind asleep at night and focused during the day but I'm doing my best!

For one morning last week, however, the boys and I escaped present craziness and traveled briefly back in time. My sister was part of a music video shoot in the now vacant old Woodward High School building (also formally the School for Creative and Performing Arts). So we took advantage of the open door and went exploring.

Room after room, floor after floor. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to this kind of adventure---urban exploration. Not sure exactly where we were "allowed" to go, not sure what (or who) we'd find hidden in these spaces, the four of us opened doors, climbed staircases, peered in closets, and meandered the halls.

And we found so many treasures. An easel graveyard.

One of TWO swimming pools. One for men, one for women. That's how they rolled 100 years ago.

If I could have figured out a way to sneak this chalkboard home I would have. Finders keepers, right?

I needed this day with the boys. A break, an adventure, a memory, and lots of photos : )