Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Papa passed away yesterday. He was 93. He told my mom at night that he didn't think he'd be here the next day and he was right.

On days like yesterday I feel most comfortable on the front lines. I want to stop everything. I want to be there. I want to go see the body. I want to cry all the tears. I want to take pictures because I know it's a sacred day and I want to remember it always.  

So that's what we did. We cleaned out Papa's nursing home room (I'm glad he wasn't there too long), we made a trip to the funeral home and said goodbye to his body, we cried and laughed and cried, we documented the day in photos,

It was beautifully sunny and icy. Pictures don't do it justice.

We went back to his house and started sifting through his clothes...his old military uniforms, flannel work shirts, and leisure suits from the 70's. We got out photos and worked on the display for his memorial service.

What a stud. I see why their blind date wasn't their last.

I'm working on a "5 Lessons I Learned From Papa" post.

Til then I'll just say thank you, Papa. I'm VERY proud to be your grand daughter. Life is better because of you and won't be the same without you.

Arian : )


Aaron Donnor said...

My heart feels your loss and your appreciation for your papa. I know he must have been so proud of you. I commented on a pic you posted on Instagram a few days ago not knowing that he had passed on. You play your part in this grand story so well as you capture life, speak your heart and share your creativity with the rest of us. Thank you.
I sit at a Cracker Barrel north of Louisville as I travel thru to Cleveland to see my dying dad for likely the last time. And you remind me again how important it is to be intentional and present in life.
May you continue to be blessed as you prepare for the great glory to come.

Paula said...

what a lovely way to spend and tell us the loss of someone so important! ��❤��

Paula said...

what a lovely way to spend and tell us the loss of someone so important! 🙏❤😘

tara said...

this post is so beautiful. such a lovely couple, it makes my heart melt.