Friday, September 27, 2013


It's a constant battle---this whole "live a simple, beautiful life" thing I'm trying to do. It's pretty counter-cultural in America. I have to wake up each morning and plan simplicity, open my calendar and intentionally schedule free time. Today---so far so good : )

During breakfast I resisted telling Jude to hurry up and finish eating, like I sometimes catch myself doing. And I sat and drank my coffee instead of drinking it while I do the dishes.

Then we took a slow walk to the neighborhood plant nursery to pick out some flowers and pumpkins. Time to start decorating for fall!

Poinsettias getting ready for Christmas in a few months.

After bringing home our loot we opted for a simple lunch on the front porch.

I've been reading the wisdom books in the Bible --- first Ecclesiastes, then Proverbs, and now Song of Songs. Dude, there is good stuff in there!! Why did I not study these books sooner? You want to live a good life? Have deep, long-lasting friendships? Be madly in love with your spouse? Enjoy all the beauty the world was created to offer? Be successful in business and leadership? Steward your resources fruitfully? Then study these books and do what they say! Wisdom. Get you some!

I think I've always thought wisdom is something that only old people and owls have : ) But since I've been praying for more wisdom recently, I feel like I see things a bit more clearly and can make better decisions. Our late night fireside conversations have been amazing---long talks about vision for our family, business, rhythms, relationships....good stuff! Wisdom, I've gotten a liiiittle taste of it and I want more!

I keep trying to puuuuull our family deeper and deeper into a simple life where we enjoy long talks, quiet dinners, simple pleasure, real relationships, beauty, art, etc. It's hard! But we're getting closer!

Happy Friday!

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