Monday, September 23, 2013


 September celebrations continued over the fun-filled weekend. We drove the two hours through the country to Daniel's hometown. Those two hours are often our best two hours for conversation. Many life decisions are made and problems are worked out on those quiet drives.
 We attended the annual Jackson Co. Apple's a big deal in those parts.

 The famous Jackson County veal sandwich.  One part pork, two parts fried breading, 100% all-American : ) America might be the only country where eating a sandwich bigger than your face is something to be celebrated.

 As always, a quick trip to the country was what we needed to catch up on rest and clear our minds.
 Some Chronicles of Narnia story time.
 We made it back to Cincinnati just in time to celebrate another wedding! Love these guys!
 And these guys too : )
 It was a beautiful end to a great weekend.

This week I have art goals and home decorating goals! Time to get cracking!


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