Monday, August 5, 2013

Business Day

On the heels of our second quarterly family vision retreat we needed another full day to talk business --- family business. Daniel and I want to work together and also build something we can invite our kids into some day. Our lives aren't really structured to work together at the moment. Daniel spends his days and creative energy at an amazing company that he loves. And I spend my days and creative energy at home with our kids, squeezing in time to draw a few hours a week while I pay a babysitter to hang out with the boys. So anything creative that Daniel and I work on together has to happen late at night, when we're tired and need sleep.

We need a plan.

So my mom took the kids for a Saturday and Daniel and I got to spend a full day hashing out a plan for how to work together and what to work on. We started out at Coffee Emporium and talked about everything from what creative projects we want to work on to who we want to work with and even sketched out our dream home/studio/greenhouse/office design.

To make the moment even cooler----that's our Jason there in the background (our "like family" friend that has been living with us for over a year to learn what he can learn about being a dad and husband). And that's his beautiful new girlfriend with the lovely hair and dress. To get their relationship off on the right foot, the two of them spent the day mapping out their OWN vision for this stage as a new couple--- everything from coordinating schedules to physical boundaries to planning fun dates. I have to admit, it felt like no small victory to see Jason taking the reins and beginning to lead a beautiful woman through love and adventures. YAY!!

From there Daniel and I headed home to work on character sketches for the next music video we want to create.

(garden cucumber and sparkling water, a new summertime fav)

Daniel is a pro both on paper and on the screen. The stuff his brain comes up with just amazes me.

Slow and steady but it feels like we're moving in the right direction. Despite the few hours that we are opening up during our day times to work together, it will still be a season of late nights and overflowing laundry, but what else is new : )


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Lady E. said...

This is very inspiring to me. My husband and I are newlyweds with lots of dreams, but still not at the stage to see them become reality. But reading how you and your husband are taking on your visions is so encouraging and a good reminder that anything is possible when you set your mind to it!