Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BeLoved BeFree Piano

My lovely and talented sister called in a favor --- "Could you paint an old piano with your BeLoved BeFree image?" No problem!

Shortly after, the piano arrived on our front porch and I got to work!

Vintage pianos are such beautiful pieces of art. This one was gorgeously aged, smelled like a basement, and sounded like a old western saloon : )

They're using it in a video promo for a creative project my sister is a part of. I'll share the video with you as soon as I get to see it!

Andrea, doin her thang.

Plus, having a piano on our front porch made for a great, very "Kentucky"style family photo op. Reminds me of this old Kentucky family photo.

It was a fun project and reminded me of my days in the scene shop working on theatre props and sets. In fact, I used a lot of the painting techniques from our book, "Stage It Right"(shameless plug) ; )

Hope you're having a great day!


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