Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tired and Happy

Shew! I feel like this summer break with 3 boys at home and a hard-working husband is kicking my rear. It's good, but the kind of good that requires strong coffee at 9pm. Here's the past couple weeks...

The newly renovated Washington Park! They took a run down park and made it beautiful again and I think it's the new favorite hangout spot for almost everyone in the city. (Here is what it used to look like when we hung out there!)

And I think it's finally sinking in what it does and will mean to have 3 boys---mud. everywhere.

And lots of bumps and bruises.

And lots of outdoor adventures.

Love my boys!

They make me tired and happy.

Arian : )


liseli said...

Looks like your three boys are worth the tiredness.

If Eli was mine, I couldn't stop kissing his chubby limbs and cheeks.
I think he looks a lot like Jude.

The Darkroom said...

very cute :) E x

bethanybarkey said...

Adorable little ones :) summer was always my fav growing up! And still is my favorite time of year...I just enjoy the other seasons more too.

I really want to add you to my rss feed! You have such a sweet and transparent style of writing and I love your work! When I click the atom feed below it just shows code. Do you know how I can subscribe?

amy luella said...

sweet. great photos...with great filter effects.=) we have one boy and the smears, mud, messes are. with 3 of them, i can only image...and your pictures help with the imaging.=)