Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Gnomes

I just added a new print to the shop! A cute little gnome couple requested by a friend a looong time ago (thanks for your patience, Lanna) : )

We've made our Christmas crafting list and are haaaard at work around here, making Christmas presents, creating a nursery, and making a home in our basement for our new housemate. Plus I have hopes of adding a selection of cute Christmas products to the shop....cards, gift tags, a 2012 calendar. I won't lie, I've shed a few tears of "overwhelmedness" recently. 4 1/2 weeks til my due date and still so much to do. 

Today I will take deep breaths, take a walk, be grateful for what I DO get done,  be gracious about what doesn't get done, order pizza if it makes things more peaceful come dinner time, and be thankful for sunny skies and lots of brights leaves still clinging to the trees.

Arian : )


Hilla Hryniszyn said...

your illustrations are adorable
come and visit my blog and tell me if you like it :) thanx inveiglefair.blogspot.com

Lanna said...

YAYYYYY! Love it! Well worth the wait!! I can't wait for it to be hanging in my living room : )

hannah love said...

it's so cute!

i stumbled across your blog and have fallen in love!
you inspire me! it really encouraged me to pursue what I love!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful print! Love this!