Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Projects

 I'm finally getting a little better at meal planning which means we've had some pretty fun meals lately. Like our living room picnic with the tents we just made with with the boys.
Jude and Hudson picked out their fabrics and helped us drill holes and sew edges (instructions on super-cute blog here). It was a fun, one afternoon-long family craft project! And already quite a few snack times, dinner times, story times, homework times, and snuggle times have happened under these tents.
 They are going on our go-to list for handmade kids' gifts for sure.
We're pretty deep into quite a few family projects at the moment, actually.
One major one is turning this less-than-homey corner of the basement into a cozy guest room for a college friend of ours who just moved in with us for a little while.
And the other is turning this embarrassingly cluttered closet into a cute, tidy, vintage nursery before Eli's quickly approaching arrival (7-ish more weeks!)

So, yeah, we're quiiiite busy around here. Daily trips to the hardware store and the fabric store...lots of thrifting and re-purposing. Fun but tiring but worth it in the end : )



Molly said...

Oh how sweet !!! These tents look like so much fun !!! I have seen them around Pinterest !! However, our little girl will be here soon (any day now!!!!) and I think she will be too little for one of these. maybe when she is older (?)!

And what a fun idea eating in the living room with those tents !! If my parents had done something like that with me as a child, I would have felt like we were being so rebellious !! Haha :)

Unknown said...

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jorjiapeach said...

cheers to living room picnics. love it.