Monday, October 3, 2011

Books, Tea, and Movies

We had such a great, quiet weekend...the first weekend in a looong time that wasn't filled with lots of people, traveling, or big events (though we LOVE people, traveling, and big events too)

We got to stick pretty closely to our "normal" weekend family rhythm. Saturday is house cleaning, Crossroads, and family dinner out at a fun restaurant. And Sunday is rest & play.
And watching a movie all cuddled in bed together is an Armstrong family weekend favorite.
So this weekend we read lots of books together (yay for hours in Barnes and Nobles and a fresh stack of books from the library), got cozy together, built couch cushion forts together, drank lots of tea with scones/biscotti/cookies together, and just enjoyed being together. Good times.
Hudson spent his allowance on a new book light. I have a feeling this boy will be a lot less reluctant to head to bed now : )
Arian : )

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diana said...

i found your blog via an image i saw on pinterest, and i couldn't leave without telling you how much i absolutely love your art. it is darling in every way. what talent, you have, i love it all. draw on!