Saturday, December 18, 2010

Take Courage!

There's a super sweet wife in Australia who commissioned this print for her super sweet husband. They also have a super sweet baby girl who is the reason I made this "Joy" print. I love doing custom prints when I can fit them into my schedule. And, once all the Christmas craziness settles down, I'll be able to take on a few more. So if you're interested in commissioning a print, shoot me an email at arianarmstrong(at) for pricing and size info!

Speaking of Christmas craziness, we have about 48 hours til we head out of town for the holidays. LOTS of cleaning, shopping, packing, and fun events to head to before we go!

I'm really looking forward to the slow pace of the next two weeks...lots of lounging and movie-watching and laughing and memory-making.  I want to read (C.S. Lewis = the MAN) and journal and learn how to crochet granny squares too. Ah, vacation.

Have any fun plans or goals for your Christmas vacation?



Barbara Loveday said...

So beautiful! I love the colours! My goal next year (one of many ;) is to get one of your prints. Love your work, merry christmas!

Lienime ♥ said...

You have so many amazing drawings I cant pick a favorite!!!

Chrissy said...

Oh enjoy your holidays with the family!! It's one of the best times of the year!

Happy Holidays!!

Tracy said...

Yay for learning to crochet! I've been crocheting for 20 years (wow didn't realize it's been that long until I did the math) and just learned to knit. It's so soothing and meditative. Enjoy!

Christina said...

Arian, that new design is super cute! All of your color schemes are just so... relaxing. And delightful.

Wow, The Problem of Pain is some heavy stuff to be reading for vacation. Good, but heavy. I hope that you enjoy it.
By the way, are you familiar with Henri Nouwen? If you like Lewis, I think that you would like him as well. He's one of my faves. :)