Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Feast!

Man, I still love Christmas...but Christmas as a grown-up is A LOT more complicated than Christmas as a kid. Shew! The "to-do before Christmas" list seems to grow, not get shorter.

 Nonetheless, we took time tonight to FEAST and celebrate my mom's birthday. We feasted on sushi (a common fav) and mocha raspberry cake (an experiment that proved successful...yessss!).
 And the glue was still drying on this year's Christmas centerpiece. To make it, I lined the rims of some vintage jars (from my grandparents' house) with bronze and iridescent glitter. Then I arranged them in a vintage letter tray, filling in the spaces between them with polyfil and more glitter. A few candles, a twig from the front yard, some amber ornaments off our tree, and there you go---ambiance!!
 I LOVE eating dinner by candlelight. It's a tradition we have adopted recently since, this time of year, it's dark by the time we eat dinner.

Love my sister and mom too! My sister and bro-in-law are spending 6 months in South Africa starting in January and, for my mom's birthday (it's a special one this year!), we're pooling our money to send mom over there to visit them! She's pumped!!

Hope you're getting your "to-do before Christmas" list done and can slow down and enjoy the beauty of the season!

Arian : )

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Anonymous said...

D: I want to go to Africa! Wow. I really like your centerpiece too, that's fantastic.