Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve-ing!

Hope you are having a fun-filled and/or laid-back New Years Eve! We're just hanging out....snacking, listening to music, watching movies, playing games...happy indeed! We don't get to see our North Carolina family as often as we'd like so we try to soak it in when we get the chance!

A serious game of couples Scrabble....

The Armstrongs vs. Kyle & Lindsey vs.

 dad & Lisa vs.

Tye & Andrea. Armstrongs brought home the gold with the word "suburbia".

And an even more serious dart gun tourney...

And we squeezed in a little antiquing my sister : )

I'm working on a "Best of 2010" and "Dreams for 2011" post.  2010 was a great year! And 2011 already promises to a BIG year for the Armstrongs ; )

Happy New Year!!!


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