Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas-ing Part 2

Christmas with the Armstrongs

Did everyone have a great Christmas?!  We're in North Carolina on the last leg of our three-state, 2 week, family Christmas extravaganza!
 This is a fraction of the mountain of presents at the big Armstrong family gathering. Craziness.
 And here's how our fabric gift bags turned out. Cute, right? They were fun and easy to make. I want to make a whole stash of them so we can have them handy for birthday and other holiday presents throughout the year.
And I've been getting crafty with my crochet hook...a great way to pass all the hours we've spent in the car the past week and a half!

Christmas at Papa's

Beautiful views...

staying in pajamas well into the day...

I looooove Christmas vacation.

Arian : )

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Seamingly Sarah said...

The bags do look great! You should defintely keep building up your stash! Make Christmas and non-Christmas ones too. It might come more easily to you (being surrounded by more men than I am), but be sure to make some masculine ones too for their birthdays! I tend to get too feminine and have nothing around for my husband's birthday!