Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DIY Fabric Softener


We're all about trying to "green" our day-to-day life while having fun doing it! Little things like riding our bikes to school and work and around town instead of taking a car when possible, or buying local when we can (bought our bread for tomato sandwiches from this bakery today...sooooo good)

So last night we made our own fabric softener! I found the super-simple recipe here. Time will tell if it actually works but at least we had a lot of fun doing it. The baking soda/vinegar mixture gets super bubbly : ) And we used lavender oil to scent it (I've been on a lavender kick recently...very relaxing)

Next on the "greener home/fun experiment" list is Soule Mama's peppermint laundry powder recipe. I'll let you know how that goes.

Who knows if these small measures will actually have any real effect on the environment. But at very least they are building into our boys an attitude of good stewardship and DIY...ness. Aaaand it's a lot of fun : )

Have you tried any fun ways of greening your daily life recently or know any good links to fun ideas? Do share!

Have a good one!
Arian : )


Daniel Thomas Short III said...

What do you mean "We're all about trying to "green" our day-to-day life"? Where did you hippies come from? Do you think your commune in San Francisco misses you? I can't believe you actually brought this eco-mentality from the East Coast. It's like I'm living in a bizarro world.

- Danny

(p.s. - can I get a jar of that lavender softener stuff?)

Tiffany Mowry said...

I love Shadeau bread! I used to go there weekly, but stopped when we found out about all of Des'allergies. But I LOVE that place!