Thursday, August 26, 2010


Here's a "5 FAVS: The Kitchen Edition" for you.... just 5 little things in our kitchen right now that I love.....

The loose walnut green tea I brought home for Daniel yesterday. It smells sooo good.

The colorful tomato harvest. If you haven't had homegrown tomatoes, you haven't had tomatoes!

Shadeau bread! Local. Fresh. Amazing.

The smell of a just-opened bag of coffee beans. I discovered this coffee yesterday at my favorite coffee spot. They are partnering with Village Life Outreach who is partnering with our Alma Mater to do beautiful things in Tanzania. Makes me proud : )

And these two crazy love birds.

Have a good one!


Shelby and Bev said...

love your favs and your photos, they look vintage...kinda grungy.

Freely Living Life said...

What a beautiful selection of goodness! I can see why these are some of your kitchen favs! I could almost smell that fresh bag of coffee beans on this side of the computer.! =)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Nichole said...


My kettle and french press are "love birds" too!