Friday, June 18, 2010

Sponsor Spots Available! (Real Cheap) ; )

As you may have noticed, I've been sprucing up the blog lately--adding new things, moving stuff around. Hope you're liking it! I've decided to try offering a few sponsor ad spots in the right column for the month of July as a way of adding some more colorful buttons to my blog while giving some up-and-coming Etsy shops/artists/photographers/etc a tad of publicity. And they're only $20 for the month. The bonus is that, if you purchase an ad, you get A FREE PRINT of your choice from my shop. So if you've got your eye on any prints, you can actually SAVE $1 buy purchasing an ad spot. Crazy, I know.
So don't be shy! If you're interested, shoot me an email by 6/25 at I'll pick a few whose product or service fits well with the personality of my blog and get back to you with details.

(a little whale friend who makes an appearance in our current video project) ; )

We're in the home stretch of the more late/all nighter and we'll be done. I think the Armstrongs deserve to take it easy this weekend!!

Arian : )


monica said...

i love your blog...

which means i am your newest follower.

just wanted to say hi


Anonymous said...

i love your artwork!

Anonymous said...

I found you on Etsy through your collaboration of Art that Helps. I am so in love with your works!!! They are just adorable and unique, and I am definitely a fan. :) I'm actually an aspiring artist/designer and always keep my heart and mind open to inspirations and you have definitely inspired me. Thank you! God bless :)


Krista said...

your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

love it. another follower for you.

follow mine too!