Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second Shooters

I did a mini photo shoot this morning with my cousin, Clint, to try and get some good promo pics for a new business venture he's taking on. It was a ton of fun and he was a very patient model : )

And of course I took along my two trusty assistants who braved all the walking and waiting in the 90+ degree weather like pros!

( Jude: "Mommy! Wook! We hold hands! Awww." )

I'm pretty sure they enjoyed the adventure,

trying only occasionally to sneak into the shots : )

Overall, they are a pretty handy duo. I think I'll keep them around ; )

I'll show you the best photos from the shoot soon!



Janvier Morris said...

Why is it you etsy fans have some of the coolest blogs?! The photo of your other half in the very first pic is cool - looks like a commercial with Jeter or Jordan or something.

I Am Valerie Champion said...

I love your photos and am glad to have come across your blog. I write poems but havent had anything published. So I use my blog to put them out there. God bless!