Saturday, June 12, 2010

Emergency Tree Factory

Yesterday the Armstrong household was taken over by a whirlwind of cardboard scraps, paint, play dough, duct tape, and creativity. Our lovely musician friends, Ellery, called in a last-minute favor-- they needed some sort of stage decor for their cd release show and we only had one day and $0 to pull it off. Crazy, last-minute design challenges are like my crack and I love love love getting all MacGyver-like, using the few random supplies I have around to create an EXPLOSION of art.
I called in my good friend, Laura, and using the Ellery album art as our inspiration, we spent the morning whipping up a mini grove of cardboard trees and tiny houses (thanks for the cardboard boxes, Dan!) . Then I grabbed a stack of notebook paper, some frames I bought at a salvage place a while back, a couple wooden crates we use as storage, a ball of string, and some duct tape and Daniel and I dashed off to the theatre.

(Denison Witmer)

We added a few strings of lights and some paper lanterns borrowed from a friend to the mix and TADA!, a cozy, night time setting for what turned out to be a greeeat show.


And speaking of crazy last-minute design challenges, we just got called in for a super fun little project related to this super fun project. Apparently the O.C. folks like our stuff. Woohoo!! But we only have 8 days to pull it off. Madness.

Have a great weekend!

Arian : )

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Emily said...

I saw you at the show and wanted to say but didn't get a chance...and I thought the props and decorations were great! good job :)