Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make A Splash

I recently read an interview with Bear Grylls. I've never seen his shows but a quick google search will reveal some pretty telling images that involve death-defying heights, dangerous creatures, deep-jungle expeditions, raging blizzards, blazing-hot deserts, blood, gore, mud, pain...

It reminded me that boys, big and little, thrive on adventure. They need to take risks, get dirty, work with their hands, fall down and get back up-- it's part of becoming and being a man. Us city folk tend to forget this.

So when Hudson asked if he could run through the puddle in front of our house and I said "no", I had to stop and remind myself of these things. When did I get so unadventurous? (I guess I forgot about this post).

"Actually, yeah, you can run through the puddle. Just go change your clothes first." ; )

Did the boys get dirty? So dirty.

Were there injuries? A pretty good bump on the head.

Did they love it? Of course.

Will we do it again? You bet!

Arian : )


shell said...

I feel like this is one of those things I constantly need to remind myself of! There is a book we got out of the library called "Yes Day!". It was such a reminder of all the things I need to just say yes too! We have talked about having a yes day soon-the kids are already scheming. :)

Jessica Smith said...

Hey Arian,

I couldn't find your email so I am leaving you a comment!

I am wondering if you do freelance work?

I have a website and I am looking to revamp our image.

Your style and love for the Lord is in line with what I am looking for!

Let me know :)

Lisa Ensor said...

I have to say what this post did for me. I just started reading your blog (via evies interview) and now I really look forward to all your posts. After I read your thoughts about getting dirty, being childlike etc. I literally took my son to the park (he's almost 2) and he played in the mud, rain puddles and had a total blast! Thank you for sharing.