Thursday, May 20, 2010

Darn You, Oliver Jeffers!

Oh, man. I picked up the latest Oliver Jeffers (long-time favorite illustrator) book at our favorite children's book store and it's awesome. Darn you, Oliver, for bringing me to tears (and Daniel--don't worry, there's no shame, babe) with your illustrative and narrative awesomeness in, like, 1.3 minutes and ruining most other childrens books for us. And for giving me more inspiration than I can keep up with.

Seriously, you should do yourself and Mr. Jeffers and your local bookstore a favor and get all of his books. And there are movies I have yet to see based on his books!

And watch this great interview to see his art studio and the process behind his illustration.

Alright, I'm too inspired to sit at the computer any more. Must. Go. Draw. Something.

Arian : )

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Lisa Ensor said...

Great video! Can't wait to go get some of his books :) Thanks for passing along...