Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Confessions of a Right-Brained Artist/Mom

God has been speaking "Freedom" to my heart recently. He's been showing me how my weaknesses are a part of my strengths---two sides of the same coin. And that is a good thing. I'm a creative. I'm an artist. Therefore, I WILL loose my keys regularly. I call people I've known for months by the wrong name and that's okay. It doesn't mean I love them less.

So, in the name of freedom, here are a few more confessions:

- I let my kids eat off the floor. I believe in the "15-second rule".
- I stayed up late trying to meet a deadline. I didn't meet it. I feel asleep in my skirt. I am still wearing said skirt and it is very wrinkled.
- Jude's nose is always runny.
- I'm not sure where my keys are.
- My five year old still needs pull-ups when he sleeps and my (just turned) 2-year-old uses a pacifier at night. And I'm cool with that.
- I think we're going to send Hudson to a public kindergarten in the fall. It's not even a very good one. I don't think we're going to go the home school or private school route like most of our friends. And all our kids are still going to turn out great.
- I like, no, love these chocolate donuts. They are best when dipped in red wine.

We're off to go make some messes. And we probably won't clean them up right away.

Arian : )


crissy // mama boss said...

Sometimes I forget to clean the kids diapers for a while.
We don't have channels on our TV, but I put movies on all the time, to occupy the kids while I do the dishes, though I'm more likely to use the time to paint or play on my phone.
I'm really bad at cleaning, I recently got my bedroom clean for the first time since we moved in (in Sept.) And its already a disaster again.
I did recently manage to wean my 2 1/2 year old from the pacifier. My 16 month old has a new found addiction to hers.
Potty training is hard, and I get lazy about it.
We usually don't eat breakfast until at least 1030, even if we've been up since 830.
I rarely make my bed.
I don't always get dressed, and wear the same clothes over when I do.

None of us are perfect. Cheers to you for being unashamed of the imperfections. ♥

Daniel said...

Now I really want to buy some donuts and a bottle of red wine, just to try it.

shell said...

thanks for writing this. and sending your kids to a just okay public school. we have and are doing that and sometimes i feel like the only one.

aeolidia said...

Oops, these are things to confess? I thought they were all just daily life! I confirmed "check! check! check!" for me on pretty much all of your list there. :)

Karis said...

Love it. Plus the oblivious Batman in the back of your first two photos.

Wilcoxen said...

I think everyone would confess something different. I know that many of mine would be things that are normal here, but just don't translate to the U.S.

Way to go for not only embracing freedom, but the grace that goes with it as well.

Alison said...

Just when I didn't think you could get any cooler, this post made me reevaluate your coolness :) I love it!!! I'm nodding, nodding, and nodding some more. Kudos to you for at least trying the public schools - you know it's not permanent. I bet there is plenty of diversity at whatever school your son will attend and that aspect of education alone speaks volumes!!! Keep sharing with us your coolness and grace.

Lanna said...

I am so inspired by this post! Thanks so much for sharing! Are you doing the free journey with crossroads?

Mariah said...

Arian...Thanks SO much for sharing this. I can't even begin to describe how much I needed to read this today. Every new comment made me smile...and then agree. Our life ends up just like that alot of the time and I'm working hard on being FREE enough to be okay with that. I'm happy to hear that you rock by the way.

Ecotone said...

Hi Arian,

I found your blog via your banner on Happy Janssens - I loved it! Is it watercolor? I am an acrylic painter and quasi graphic designer from Indiana. Loved your post about forgetting peoples names and losing keys AND public school - so much pressure to choose otherwise! I was wondering your thoughts on creative time management - how you "discipline" such a very fluid and open act of creativity into a routine part of life to make sure it gets done every day and on time! I'm struggling with this right now as I tend to wander frequently from my present topic of work, not because I don't love it, just because that's to me part of discovery. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I smiled at your honesty in this post. Wonderful. Just so you know. . . I could care less as to whether you do things the way I do, parent the way I do, or whatever else (I know often I don't come off this way to most people). It just makes me happy and excited to see that God is helping you become more comfortable in who He created you to be. Even in all of our differences, the only thing I would ever want most is confidence in what it is you do. :) You're a great mom, wife, and woman!