Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Old House

The journey of settling in and making our place home continues. I've been playing around with this little corner of our bedroom. It's been such a winter wonderland outside for the past couple weeks and the colors in our room seem so wintery and cool. So I brought a few elements from outside in to create this little homage to winter.

The "a" is from this post.

Snowy terrariums made with vintage jars, a few found objects, and polyfill.
A garland of pictures Granny took through out her winters in Kentucky.
Pine cones with glitter and more "fluffy snow".

I'm trying hard to wrap up big projects this week so I can finally move on to some new things!! Among the new things--- a blog overhaul, a few new paintings, a couple tattoo designs (for other people, not me....though I'm not against the idea ; ) , and some more free downloads for you folks. Good stuff!

Have a good one!!

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Krista said...

I like what you've done! Love the jar idea and the garland!