Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Preview!

Here's a little preview of a project from the book! It's a trick I learned in college working on props for one of the musicals. A dozen galvanized steel buckets were to be used in a dance number with lots of tossing and spinning . . . and the possibility of clanging, denting, crashing in mid-air—not to mention possible concussions.

So we snagged a bunch of Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets and followed the following steps to turn them into galvanized steel-looking pails. This works on cardboard, foam core, or heavy paper. I just made this big "a" out of foam core for above the mantle in our bedroom.

You’ll need:

- black acrylic paint
- paint brush
- natural sea sponge (natural is more expensive than plastic or foam, but
there’s a world of difference in the final effect. They’re available at craft, art, or hardware stores)
- oil-based silver enamel metallic paint
- paint thinner
- cleaning rags
- newspaper.

How To:
Do a test piece first. Paint with black acrylic. Let dry. Dip the sponge into the silver paint and work it into the sponge a bit. Dab the piece completely.

Enamel takes a while to dry and is more trouble than water-based, but the finish lasts longer and is generally shinier. Clean out the sponge with paint thinner after every use. Natural sponges—like good brushes—can be used for years if thoroughly cleaned.

When the first coat is dry, sponge on another coat. Step back and compare your work with the actual look you want to achieve. Continue adding layers until the black is covered.


Have fun! And make sure to send me a link if you try this project for yourself!

Arian : )


Anonymous said...
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D.G. Hollums said...

Hey there:

I just bought two of your prints at Redtree, and my wife and I just absolutly love them! We both think you must have had each other of us in mind when you drew them! So, wanted to express our love and appreciation for your work! They are such a blessing to us and expressed our love for each other is an awesome way.

Also, saw you mention The Champion Abd His Burning Flame on the side of your blog links and that tells me y'all gave great taste! David Arnold was on of our youth back in First UMC Lexington and his family is considered by us family as well. Just wondering if you knew him.

Thanks again and bless yall!

Feel free to contact me:

in Trinity,
D.G. Hollums