Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Weekend: Highs and Lows

This weekend was full of high highs and low lows. The highs?--- Hudson's big night out at the theatre with mommy and daddy, getting our simple family portrait taken ( I will show you the results when we get them!), a Victorian tea party with my mom and mom-in-law, a Victorian home tour around Newport with family, another b-day party for Hudson....
The lows? Some stomach thing has hit Hudson and me hard today. Perhaps cold pizza for breakfast was a poor choice. It's hasn't been pretty. You've never seen the toy department at Target clear as fast as it did when Hudson tossed his cookies there today. Seriously, from crowded to vacant in about 1.3 seconds. So our trip to Papa's to cut down our first real Christmas tree turned into a trip to Papa's to sit by the fire, munch on saltine crackers, and, well, I will spare you the details.
But I did manage to get out the camera and snap a few many great scenes in and around Papa's house...

Well, I'm gonna try to sleep off the yuckiness. Stay well!


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This Thrifted Life said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better soon--sounds awful. :(