Monday, December 7, 2009

The Armstrongs, Simply Put

We got our Jonathan Willis Simple Portraits back today. He's good. While other famous Cincinnati photographer Michael Wilson seems to capture the soul, Jon is so good at capturing personalities. Take a look through his galleries. I especially love his photos of his kids.

Thanks for all the Etsy love recently! I'm aiming to get all orders out this week. December 14th is the last day for Christmas orders so hop on over to the shop if you've got more shoppin to do.

Btw, one of the things I love about these photos is that I am wearing a dress I got from my grandma's closet and Daniel is wearing pants from my grandpa's army days. There's something really sweet about that to me....just a reminder that the people you see in this photo are a part of generations past and generations to come, people who have received love, faith, creativity, work ethic, personality traits, and life from parents, parents' parents, and their parents' parents.... People who hope to build onto what we've been given and hand down something even stronger and better to our kids, and our kids' kids, and their kids' kids...... kinda blows my mind.

Sleep well,


Sara said...

Love love love! And how fun that you have those special clothes neat. xxoo

This Thrifted Life said...

Wonderful pictures!

I found your blog on WSLW and am loving it and your art; I placed my first order yesterday. Thanks for making such beautiful pieces for the rest of us to enjoy!

sonya audrey said...

Beautiful family pictures!! I have seen so many great ones lately. You're inspiring me to get on the ball and find a photographer to get ours done. :)

Arianne said...

Wow, these look great! You definitely look like you had a fun time.