Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day One

We've got the keys to our new apartment and we're packing like mad to get moved in this weekend. Isn't it so pretty? Here's a little tour of the place!

Our bedroom with decorative fireplace and cool old-school radiator.

The boys bedroom ( Hudson is excited about the secret-club-house-sized closet)

Living room with sweet green fireplace. It doesn't work but it sure looks pretty!

Dining room (now if we only had a table to put in it)

Butler pantry (now if we only had a BUTLER to put in it!)

Cute eat-in kitchen with door to the back porch. I love that I can be cooking dinner with the back door open watching the boys play out back. And there is plenty of space for party guests to keep me company when getting ready for a dinner party (YAY for holiday dinner parties!)

And our cute little yard with just enough room for a little grilling, a little container gardening, a little picnic, or a tiny little snowman when winter comes.

Cute, eh? I'm excited. Moving is a lot of work but I think it will be worth it! Alright, back to packing!

Arian : )


Andrew said...

i see a trip to ikea in your future!

Erin M. Cressman said...

so very, very cute :)

Jenny Kelley said...

Love it, Arian! The floors look in great shape too! Our house has lots o' old-school radiators and a dining room with no table in you're not alone. Guess you'll have to use it as an office? :o)

Congrats on the great place!

shell said...

what a cute apartment! I can't wait to see pictures of it filled with all your great artsy stuff!