Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aaaand We're Back.

We're hittin the ground running....my next deadline for the book is this week, packing our apartment, and moving...crazy, crazy.

So I think the weekend in Memphis was really good for us. Not only was it fun, relaxing, and inspiring, but it was a little mini vacation from the madness. Now I'm ready to kick these deadlines in the rear end, be a packing/moving/unpacking machine, and start work on another art show!
One of the weekend's highlights was my first live painting experience. Live band, several hundred people watching, and an hour and a half to start and finish a painting. Fun stuff! Hope I get to do it again sometime!
Here's the finished product, in line with the prayer theme of the show. And here's a little video to show the process. (The wide format doesn't quite fit here so it might be best to follow the link.)

I'll try to pop in once or twice this week with photos of the new place. Til then, have a good one!

Arian : )


andrea summer (artists & authors) said...

man, i love my sister.

Dorothee-Maria said...

Oh, this is so beautiful.
It touches my heart.
Although I am not religious...
But it reminds on my thoughts about my grandparents.
This painting is another wonderful result of your amazing talent.
I love it.



ford knowlton said...

Daaaaang Arian,

What a cool show. The Messages communicated in your work are simple, clear, and POWERFUL. Lookung forward to seeing more.

Mike said...

Arian, I Just Wanted To Say You Are So Amazing. I'm Sure People Tell You All The Time And The Flattery Gets Old, But Your Work Is The Most Beautiful Work I've Seen In A Long Time Maybe Even Ever. The Style You Bring To It Is So Unique And Creative. I Haven't Stopped Looking At Your Painting All Day. It's Awesome. You Are Truely Talented And God Has Really Used You In Such An Amazing Way.