Monday, July 13, 2009

An Urban Love Story

In recent weeks, our love for the city has grown and grown and we find ourselves spending more and more time there-- late nights out with friends, early morning walks with Jude through the "ghetto" (which is far less intimidating at 7:30am and quite beautiful on a Saturday morning), afternoon lunches in the city parks.

We've adopted a new family vision: We LOVE Cincinnati-- in the "feeling love" kind of way but more importantly in the "showing love" kind of way. We want our boys to know and love this place, to give to it, to take from it, to make it better. So we're gettin out there! Meeting people we wouldn't have the privilege of meeting in our current suburban setting, seeing places we haven't seen, experiencing, watching, learning, loving.

One way I'm excited to show love to the city is through art and we've got lots of plans! I'm going to be starting work on an art piece for Playhouse in the Park's 50th Anniversary. So Hudson and I headed up there today for a little private tour (thanks, Mae!) I'm excited to get workin on it!

So stay tuned for more art and more city-lovin' family fun : )

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Andrew said...

you're too cute! i'm loving your blog!