Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Armstrongs Love Cincinnati

We took another family field trip to the city this morning. I love, love, love the colors and textures that can only be found in the run down parts of town. Maybe it's the set designer in me.

I mean, seriously, what color can you NOT find in these photos? Paint a picture of the suburbs and you'll need maybe three tubes of paint -- taupe for the vinyl siding, gray for the roads, green for the lawns...
But the history of the city is written in layers of color. Roads once dirt then brick then paved now worn back to to the brick and dirt. Buildings once prominent homes turned business turned warehouse turned home now abandoned. So many layers of paint. Metal rusted into a spectrum of browns, reds, oranges. Aged wood, worn stone, hints of green poking up through cracks in the sidewalk-- so beautiful and creativity inspiring.

I'm excited to see where our new-found family vision will take us, what hidden treasures we'll uncover, what art it will inspire, and how these experiences will affect our boys in the long run.

Hope your appreciation of your own neck of the woods is deepening as well! Have a good one!

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